These articles are primarily aimed at the small and rapidly dwindling number of people who have decided not to offer their consent to being used in medical trials for the Experimental Biological Agents (EBAs) for reasons of faith, conscience, or both. For those of you who have done this, I do not condemn you and neither does God, I believe. For those who are still resisting the endless pressure to sign up to the trials, we face condemnation from the government, the media, society, even the established church, but not from God. I do not believe that God endorses these EBAs whose origins and financing can be attributed to those who are certainly not God’s people and who could be working for the Dark Side.

For those who do not believe in God or are not committed to God, please read on. I am not ashamed of my beliefs and I think that time has come to make them known. I believe that those with faith have a distinct advantage over those that do not, and in the same category I include those with conscience. If these articles challenge or change just one person then, for me, it would have been worthwhile publishing them at considerable personal risk.