Article 1 – A Healing God or Not?

Psalm 103 versus 1-5 (NRSV)

1 Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name.
2 Bless the Lord, O my soul, and do not forget all his benefits—
3 who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases,
4 who redeems your life from the Pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy,
5 who satisfies you with good as long as you live so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

When I converted to Christianity in the autumn of 1985, this was the very first passage of the bible I studied and learnt. It is the beginning section of a long prayer of thanks to God for his goodness and kindness. The above section is written as a form of self-encouragement – the first two verses are commands, the next three are addressed to self, using ‘you’ and ‘your’ instead of ‘me’ and ‘my’. (Who says that it is a sign of madness to talk to oneself when here the bible recommends it, right here!)

The key verse in this section is verse 3. The other verses have been included to set the context as it is not always wise to quote verses in isolation. Verse three reads:
3 who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases, (emphasis added)

If you believe in God as I do, and as the psalm writer did, God forgives iniquity (sin) and heals diseases. Some of them? No, all of them. And if you do not believe that God does not heal all disease, requiring additional human remedies, then you do not really believe God forgives all sins, requiring additional religious works. The two go together: forgiveness and healing. They cannot be separated.

Believing God forgives all sin will not make us sinless and perfect in his sight. Neither will believing that God heals all diseases prevent the occasional infection or the one that finally kills us. The text is about relying on God first and foremost for the forgiveness of sins rather than religion, and also relying on God first and foremost for healing rather than medicine.

I am not anti-medicine. Far from it. And neither is the bible incidentally. Gospel writer St. Luke who was also a travelling companion of first century church leader St. Paul was a doctor. He would have served the community with natural remedies available at his time. Similarly, Paul, under the possible guidance of Luke, advised another companion Timothy to take ‘a little wine instead of water’ for his poorly stomach. This is clearly a medical intervention. And Jesus encountered a woman who had spent all her money on medical treatment for her condition to no avail. Did Jesus rebuke her for her lack of faith? No. He healed her.

Taking a painkiller or an antiacid tablet is not acting in unbelief. Neither is applying a topical cream for a rash or applying a cold pack to a burn. These would have been among the remedies recommend by Dr Luke and others like him. Taking prescription medicines is not unbelief either. Most of these are more powerful versions of the medicines available in the first century. I have no issue with surgery even though that was largely unheard of in biblical times. I have had surgery done and it did not clash with faith or conscience at all. When it comes to injections of medicines, that is v-injections, that is a different issue altogether. V-injections were not invented until the nineteenth century. The concept was not known to the cultures of the Middle East in biblical times. There are no mentions of any v-injection procedure nor any allusion to them except a vision in the Book of Revelation.

I am not an ant-vaxxer. Far from it. I understand and appreciate why people take the annual flu jab and other inoculations when holidaying in locations where there is a high risk of contracting a dangerous pathogen. I have had jabs in my life, most recently one for tetanus after I fell off my bicycle and cut my head open, back in 1987. I have not had one since. But to me, v-injections lie on the very borderline of what is faith and what is not. I recognise that when certain people take flu jabs because they are tried and tested, their faith is not compromised. As for me, I do not take the risk of having jabs. That is my choice. That is down primarily to conscience. If I am destined to get flu, then I will get it and recover from it, most likely. My faith is not compromised. God is sovereign.

And that is my position when it comes to Pathogen-19 (P19). It is a disease no worse than the flu something the British government acknowledged just days before the first total lockdown was announced. I always doubted there was a global pandemic as it had not even touched Africa at the time. My opinions on that matter have not changed one iota since then. As more information has become available subsequently, so my views have been consolidated.

When it comes to the EBAs, the line between acceptable medicine and unacceptable medicine has been crossed. This is no longer an issue of faith. It is an issue of nonfaith. Does Jesus heal P19 or not? If so, then what are the EBAs for? If not, then can he really be expected to heal cancer, dementia and even death? The answer to this question is simple: Jesus heals all diseases. The bible speaks of Jesus successfully dealing with every health issue that he encountered. Leprosy, a disease far worse and far more contagious than P19, was healed with just a word. He cured those with withered hands and paralysis, those with haemorrhaging and palsy in front of hostile crowds. If P19 existed then, he would have healed it too. He also raised the dead, mostly in private, though Lazarus was deliberately raised in public for all to see.

The bible testifies that Jesus heals and so did his disciples in his name. What is the mentality behind disbelieving what Jesus did, taking man’s solution and giving healing credit to others? Those who take the EBA do not believe that Jesus heals a simple viral infection such as P19. It is ironic that churches host prayer meetings and vigils for cancer sufferers yet order its flock to take the EBAs. Why is it that they can exhibit faith to heal cancer but nonfaith when it comes to P19? There are even those in the church that proudly boast that the EBAs are a divine gift. Can such a gift result in thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of injuries many of them permanent? What sort of gift is that? And who gave this gift? The major pharmaceutical corporations made it financed by technocrats and promoted by tyrants. Are these people divine?


This is a word found just twice in the New Testament in the closing two chapters of the Book of Revelation. We derive the word ‘pharmaceutical’ and ‘pharmacy’ from this word though it is translated ‘those who practice magic arts’ (NIV) or ‘sorcerers’ (KJV) in both instances. What is ‘pharmakos’? Why is the term only present in the description of the New Jerusalem, referring specifically those will not be allowed to enter it? Many explain this in terms of the use of psychotropic drugs opening the soul and spirit to the dark powers of the occult. Clearly the latter is forbidden to anyone seeking the kingdom of God and few within the church would openly promote the use of drugs to access these realms. So why are the same church people promoting the EBAs?


This is a much more common word in the bible often translated ‘sorcery’ but it is always linked to the use of drugs and potions employed to gain altered states of consciousness. It cannot be coincidence that the pharmaceutical industry derives its very name from this root. And though most doctors, especially in the ancient world, would not have gone down the route of employing the occult to derive medicines, would they be so ethical nowadays when there is big money to be made and those with links to the occult proudly investing in it? Could the development of the EBAs been influenced or driven begin the forces named in the bible as being pharmakia?

There is a church group in the USA that take this word too literally and ban all medicine as pharmakia, such that they do not even use common painkillers. Consequently, they have a very poorly existence and a high mortality rate. I am not saying these people are misguided. They have just taken the scriptures too far. God expects us to take medicine in moderation, where appropriate. I have already explained how most medicines are not in any way linked to the occult. There is nothing satanic about menthol rubs, cough sweets and antiseptic mouthwash. Chemical anesthetics are benign, though non-standard forms of pain suppression are questionable. Alternative medicines should be checked out thoroughly by those of faith and conscience before they are administered, or not.

Taking the EBAs require a whole new definition of faith, not in God but in forces behind pharmakia. Even by the standards of the v-injections, these go way beyond what is regarded as normal medicine. And most who take them have no idea what they are. They have not been told. They assume that they are like the flu jab which will prevent them from getting P19 at least until the next jab is taken. Once they have their inoculation, that is all three jabs, they will be told they can return to normal with health passport in hand and a life to live. Behind the scenes the Powers of Darkness rub their hands with glee at the gullibility of people.

I am not going to outline what I know about the EBAs. There are plenty of other reputable websites that do just that. They are, as I said at the start of this article, experimental. Nobody knows what they will do. It is highly unlikely that they will do the same thing to all people. A billion might become part of these trials. That could mean one billion different effects. What lies behind all of this? The pharmaceutical companies making a profit as well as their financiers and promoters. And who do these people work for? Again, I am not going to delve too far into this. What is certain it is not God who runs this show.

Those who have willingly offered their right or left arm to these trials are most likely unaware of what they have done. The effects are irreversible, and they will be compelled to continue to take their jabs when ordered to do so and other things too. I will have more to say on that in the last article. They have no idea they are to be tagged and monitored for up to two years. They have no idea that there are possible effects of these agents that go way beyond preventing them from getting P19 symptoms. They have no idea that the real powers behind the EBAs are non-divine even if their church leaders tell them that they are.

There is nothing that can be done for those with the EBAs, except pray for God’s clemency though a time will come when even that may be an impossibility. This is a call for those who have not taken the EBAs to continue to resist. Either you can do it in the name of Jesus Christ or find another way. If you are resisting this coming tsunami of psychological pressure for reasons of conscience, then that is a great step forward. For many reading this, putting your trust solely in God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ might be one step too far. However, it is a step worth considering, in the light of what is to come. For me, faith and conscience work together, as well as a daily dose of vitamin C, D, and zinc. God expects us to protect ourselves when we can…